Working out of Central Michigan, Nimer finds a balance between academic fine art and the continuous pursuit of skilled craftsmanship. His art focuses on themes of consumerism, the materialization of value, and the relationships between who we are and what we own. Through the use of absurdity and humor, he attempts to break down some of the contextual barriers between works of art, and the community that experiences it.


M.F.A.  Georgia State University

B.F.A. Central Michigan University

    My studio practice has long existed within the the overlap of fine and applied arts. It is within this overlap that I have formed my personal aesthetic and artistic direction.  As a sculptor, I find balance in the creation of works that exist within both contexts.  My endeavors as an artist, teacher and craftsman are each influenced by this balance.

    Through my current works, I have immersed myself in the research, observation, and pensive commentary on our existing culture of consumption. This interest has further fueled the contrast between my personal ideals regarding consumerism, and the observation of my own addiction to the act of consumption. How we consume, the materialization of value, and the flux in our value system created by an inherent lack of conservation are consistent themes in my artistic conscience. I wish to create a dialog with the viewer that questions our relationship between who we are and what we have. While the possession and acquisition of objects within each person’s sense of self is observably coupled: To what scope does this occur, and at what cost?


Nimer Aleck II
2715 Manor Rd
Austin TX, 78722

Professional, Educational, and Artistic CV 


2008-2011 Georgia State University. MFA sculpture.
2002-2007 Central Michigan University. BFA sculpture.

Awards, Honors and Exhibitions

2015 Crossing Lines: Austin TX. Fort Wayne Museum of Art.  Fort Wayne, Indiana. November 8 - January 18. Invitational
2014 Long Range Sculpting Project. Tiny Truck Gallery. Austin TX. Nov 14- 30. Group exhibition.
2014 Blue Genie Invitational. Blue Genie Gallery, Austin TX. Nov 14 - 23. Invitational. 
2014 Methods of Additive Manufacturing, Materials lab. School Of Architecture. University of Texas. Austin TX. March 21 - April 18.  Invitational
2014 Communication Through Artifact, University of Texas. Austin TX.  March 22- 27. Invitational
2014,2013,2012 E.A.S.T East Austin Studio Tour. Austin TX. Group exhibition & Independent Artist studio exhibition.
2013  “Case study: Artist 3D prints tiny hammers”, by Elisabeth Eitel in Product Design Engineering. published Aug. 13 2013. Machine Design. 
2013 Small Works, Trestle Gallery at Brooklyn Art Space. Jul . 26 - Aug. 9. Brooklyn, NY.  International Juried. 
2013 Magnitude -7. Manifest Creative Research Gallery. May 31 - June 28.
Cincinnati, OH. International Juried.
2011 Best of... An exhibition of award winning work by Nimer Aleck. April 18-22. Ernest G. Welch school of art and design gallery. Atlanta, GA. Solo
2011 Boom! Art as a result of bubble and bust culture.March 12- April 12. Picaflor Studio. Atlanta, GA.  Invitational
2010 Bring It: The Georgia State University MFA exchange Exhibition. Jan. 12- Feb. 20.  Landmark Arts. Texas Tech University School of art.  Lubbock, TX
2010 Summer 2010 MFA show. Ernest G Welch School of Art and Design
2010,2009, 2008  Awarded Winnie Chandler Art and Design Fellowship
2010 Selected artist for Dashboard Co-op. July 24th. Fresh Meat: Filets, Strips and Other Marbled Delights. Goat Farm Studios. Atlanta GA.
2010 Awarded Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design Art Gallery Sculpture Garden Competition. Pubic installation. 
2010 20/40/10 Anniversary Alumni Exhibition. January 15-February 13. Main Gallery Central Michigan University . invitational
2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005.  Nominated for “International Sculpture Center Outstanding student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award”.
2009 “crossing paths, crossing culture” photo competition and exhibition. Office of International Affairs. Georgia State Alumni Hall. Atlanta GA. 
2009 Awarded Edgewood Sculpture Forum study abroad scholarship.
2009 Awarded IEF study abroad scholarship. “Issues of the Landscape in Northeast Scotland.”
2009 National Conference on Cast Iron Art:  An Exhibition of Emerging Cast Iron Artists. April 1-4. Birmingham AL. 
2009 Juried Student Exhibition. April 2-16. Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design Gallery. Atlanta GA. (juried)
2009 Edgewood Sculpture Forum Exhibition. March 25-28. The Granite Room. Atlanta GA.  
2009 Coeur Brise. February 14th. Eyedrum Gallery. Atlanta GA. invitational
2007 Little things mean a lot. December 5th-28th. Ferndale MI. juried
2007 47th Annual Greater Michigan Art Exhibition, Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art, September 15th – November 4th.  Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, MI. juried
2007 Bricks, Blocks, & Boxes. Public Installation. Wheeler Hall, April 5 - 26 Mt. Pleasant MI. solo
2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts Solo Show, Bricks, Blocks,& Boxes. March 16 – 24 2007. Central Michigan University. Mt Pleasant MI. solo
2007 Scholarship show 2006-06, January 19 – February 10, 2007. Central Michigan University. Mt Pleasant MI.
2006 BRÕNZ an exhibition of contemporary bronze at Central Michigan University. Curator and artist. Sep. 6 - Oct. 3.
Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant MI. (group)
2006 First Prize GMAC mural design competition. Mural purchase/scholarship. Troy MI. (permanent installation)
2006 The Student Annual, Vol. 4 March 28 - April 11, 2006
Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant MI. (juried)
2006 Awarded Stephen Barstow Award scholarship. Includes exhibition of selected works.
2006 The Body Eclectic, January 31-Febuary 24
Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale MI. (juried)
2005 One mans trash, UAG West. March 14-26Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant MI. (solo)
2005 Show Love, February 26-March 12. 555 gallery. 
Detroit MI. (juried)
2005 The Body Eclectic, February 1-25
Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale MI. (juried)
2005 Student Annual Vol. 3, UAG Main
Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant MI. (juried)
2005 Art Department Scholarship Recipients Exhibition, January 19 – February 12 2005.  Central Michigan University.  
2004 An Exhibition In Contemporary Bronze. Central Michigan University Art Gallery. Dec. 3-14. (group)
2004 Awarded Evelyn Frye Smith Scholarship. Includes group Exhibition of selected works.
2004 Student award exhibition for figurative show CMU’s west gallery. Feb 16th - 28th 2004. (two person show)
2003 Awarded shop keys, and private studio space for CMU’s N.A.S.

Related Work Experience

2012-2014  Employed by Solid Concepts, Valencia CA.  Direct Metal Laser Sintering. Process development for three dimensional printing and finishing of solid stainless steel CAD files.

Teaching Experience

2011 Primary Instructor. Figure Studies in Sculpture. Georgia State University
2010 Primary Instructor. Sculpture II. Molding making/ Casting. Georgia State     University
2010 Primary Instructor. Three dimensional design. Georgia State University
2008-2010 Teaching Assistant. Georgia State University Sculpture department.
2008-2010 Graduate Studio Technician/Monitor. Georgia State University.
2007-2008 State certified substitute teacher. Michigan. 
2003-2007 Central Michigan University Sculpture department. 
2003-2007 Assistant Studio technician. Central Michigan University.
2001-2002  Assistant Teacher (cadet teaching program) Clare Public Schools.

Professional Development

2013 Solid Free Form Fabrication symposium. Austin TX. 
2008 / 2010 IWF. International wood conference. Atlanta GA.
2009 Study Abroad program. Scottish Sculpture Workshop. Lumsden, Aberdineshire. Scotland UK .
2009 National Conference on Cast Iron Art. SLOSS Furnaces. Birmingham AL. Panel: “Graduate School: Preparing Materials, Mind, and Body”. Demo: “Brushable and Pourable Rubber Moldmaking Techniques for the Creation of Cast Multiples” 
2006 “Crossroads” International Sculpture Conference. Cincinnati Ohio. Student Scholarship.
2005 Kiln building workshop with Shoji Satake. Sprung Arch Soda kiln.    
2004 Kiln building workshop with David Bolton. Construction of gas indoor downdraft sprung arch kiln. Central Michigan University.